An everchanging eclectic collection of antique, vintage and artisan products from Morocco, Pushkar and Britain.

Handmade carpets, Boucherite rugs, jewel-coloured cactus silk blankets and handcrafted baskets are sourced from Essaouira, villages in the Atlas mountains and Marrakesh. Bespoke garments for ladies and gentleman designed and produced by our tailor in Essaouira.

The best Italian leather and linen products are obtained from Florence and ethically produced Nepalese felt products are sourced from Kathmandu.

We curate interesting, unique accessories for you and your home by sourcing ethically both locally and globally, supporting a wide variety of communities.

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Trifle Bazaar is a lifetime ambition for Victoria Stevens.

Victoria sourcing products in the souk.

Victoria explains:

“There is a story behind everything we sell. I like to talk to the producers and designers to get an understanding of what goes into every piece.”

And the shop is quirky too…

“I like to use spaces that are unusual. This can be a hairdressers, a garden, someone’s house or in a school for a fundraiser. “

Victoria caught the retail bug at an early age. At just 16 she was worked in Paris in the famous fashion houses. Time spent working at Fenwicks and Bond street consolidated her skills at looking at trends.

Travel has always been an inspiration to  Victoria, from travelling with the circus to romantic trips to Venice, everything she has experienced is brought back to a Trifle Bazaar.

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