Changing times for Trifle Bazaar

Life is always a Trifle Bazaar for us, over the last couple of months we have moved Bazaar HQ, Team Christmas events, one and two plus a buying trip in the Atlas Mountains and Essaouria.

First Christmas Trip

Where do we start, October after a quick trip to Italy we started the move to Totnell near Sherborne.

This move will give us more space for our goodies and a cosy rug filled stock room to invite our Bazaar Tribe to sample our new treasures before they hit the market stalls.

On sale in the market from February

November and planning started for our Christmas Markets at the end of November and our trip to London fact finding with a bit of luxury staying at the Ritz. A bucket list item ticked for Lady P, a long standing member of the Bazaar Tribe.

All this brings us to Christmas and New year in our beloved Essaouria with time well spent planning and buying stock for the new year while celebrating with our Moroccan friends, who loved sharing our traditions, with a Moroccan twist.

Rosemary and mint for the Christmas greenery

Christmas wreaths and greenery made from bundles of fresh mint rosemary and oregano. Tassels on the tree and camels on the beach.

Wishing all our Bazaar Tribe a Happy New Year look forward to seeing you and sharing our finds with you in 2020.🐪🐪🐪

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