Breathing,the medina and me…

walking in the medina, Marrakech

It’s October and we’re back in Morocco looking for some special pieces for the festive season. But it hasn’t been plain sailing, my asthma is playing up. And I tell you don’t believe them when they say that grilled camel hump cures all – it doesn’t – but the mint tea helps!

But it hasn’t stopped us, it’s slowed us down a bit… We’re just running on Moroccan time.

We flew into Marrakech, staying for a few days in a different part of the medina than we normally do. It was an interesting walk into the square mixing with the locals in their morning routines. Seeing Marrakesh from a residents view.

Its interesting seeing new eclectic designs coming through using traditional with a modern twist. A good example of this is our new bouj aad rugs. Also look out for more jewellery and cloting. And it was great to catch up with Mustapha and Hamida for lunch at their friends cafe (Ayaso) … We love Moroccan food!

Essouira offers a much needed relaxation time after the hubbub of the city… But we still managed to visit the local Sunday market for some goodies…. Guess what we have in there?

The sea air is definitely helping the asthma. So much so, I think there may be a little light haggling in the medina this evening for some Trifle Bazaar treasures – well it would be rude not too!